Based on many years experience in teaching business English (ESP) and general language training and translation from San Francisco, New York, Paris, London, Oslo, Toronto, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Bilbao and Madrid, the partners at TEFL Gap were convinced of the need for an affordable, high-quality TEFL certificate program that answered both academic and real world demands.

After many years of being an EFL training company, TEFL Gap has grown into a successful and well known language training centre with a client list to be proud of. TEFL Gap is now sharing its wealth of knowledge and practical experience with people like you who would like to enter the TEFL profession by offering the TEFL Gap International Certificate course.

As an employer of EFL teachers, TEFL Gap knows what the job market requires and therefore the TEFL Gap International Certificate has been designed and developed to be an intensive, practical and hands-on programme for training effective EFL teaching professionals.

The TEFL Gap course is taught by trainers that not only have advanced degrees in TEFL but also years of EFL teaching experience gained from all over the world.