Teaching in Thailand

For seasoned educators and newcomers to the teaching profession alike, partnering with Entrust TEFL to teach English in Thailand is a truly exceptional experience. Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” for its friendly people and sabai sabai (relaxed) way of life. As the only nation in Southeast Asia to have successfully resisted colonization by a European power, Thailand has retained its unique, millennia-old culture.

Like many other developing nations, Thailand’s economy has grown substantially in recent decades. English, as the international standard language of business, has become crucial to the continued success of the business sector. As a result, native English speakers from Western countries are consistently in high demand – and highly valued. Entrust TEFL has done the work of building a network of schools eager to accept recent graduates from its English teaching training program.

Benefits of Teaching English in Thailand with Entrust TEFL

Why would an aspiring teacher want to start his or her career in Thailand? Or, why would an experienced teacher want to gain additional expertise teaching English in Thailand?

Whatever a teacher’s long-term ambitions, using Entrust TEFL to secure a position in Thailand offers many long-term benefits.

First, there is the fully immersive exposure to teaching English as a foreign language offered in a nation like Thailand which is simply not available in the United States or Europe. Teaching English to non-native speakers is challenging, yet also hugely rewarding when successfully done. The grammar, vocabulary, and syntax of the Thai language are worlds apart from English – which means that when the English teacher is able to succeed teaching English in Thailand, he or she can do the same anywhere.

Perhaps the most striking difference, among many, of teaching English in Thailand is the genuine appreciation English teachers receive. Not only are Thais interested in learning English, but they also are fascinated with Western culture. Exchanging these cultures – giving and receiving – is a wonderful aspect of teaching English in Thailand.

Lastly, using the services provided by Entrust TEFL guarantees that after you finish the program, you will be placed in a high-quality, legitimate school with the support of a respected agency.

Qualifications for Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

Standard requirements for native English teachers are a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the West and a passport from one of the following countries: UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, or South Africa. An English or education major is preferred, but any field is generally acceptable.

Schools are also very keen to recruit candidates with a TEFL or TESOL certificate, which teachers earn from Entrusted TEFL upon completing training.