Traveling and Teaching

Entrust TEFL makes journeying abroad to Thailand fun and enriching for teachers. One of the many reasons teachers choose to relocate to Thailand, either short-term or long-term, is the unique experiences the “Land of Smiles” has to offer Westerners. The beautiful Southeast Asian nation offers a breath-taking array of recreational options to take advantage of.

Thailand’s Natural Resources

With beautiful landscapes from the mountains of the far north like Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai to the agrarian traditional lifestyles of the eastern rice-growing Isaan region to the world-famous tropical beaches in the south, there is no shortage of captivating scenery.

One great aspect of living in Thailand is the affordability of everything, including travel. Whether by bus, railroad, boat, or airplane, the cost of transportation in Thailand is incredibly cheap compared to Europe or North America. A bus ticket from Bangkok to virtually anywhere else in Thailand can be purchased for less than $20 USD and accessed via an advanced network travel options including vans, old-fashioned trains, buses, Bangkok’s subway system, the ultra-modern BTS Skytrain system (modelled after Vancouver, Canada’s above-ground rail transit). All of these make exploring the sites the nation has to offer easy and affordable.

Thailand’s Culture

The culture of Thailand is also very unique. Social norms, familial relations, organizational structure, and almost every other aspect of society is often transformative for Westerners who spend time among the Thai people. Many leave with a new outlook on life — what it means, what is important, and new ways to view how to be in the world.

A major influence on Thai culture is Buddhism, which has thrived in the Kingdom of Thailand for thousands of years. Temples (called wat in Thai) can be found everywhere, populated by the distinctive shaved-head monks in orange robes. It is easy to understand, after interacting with the locals, how the peaceful religion has influenced their easy-going demeanour and even-keeled lifestyle.

Entrust TEFL Resources for Travelling in Thailand

Entrust TEFL’s Basic TEFL Course provides the following travel resources for teachers to utilize:

  • In-Country Cultural Orientation
  • Thai Language Lesson
  • Ongoing Alumni Support
  • Entrust TEFL’s Premium TEFL Course provides even more:
  • Airport Pick-Up and Transportation to Hotel/Resort
  • Hotel/Resort Accommodation
  • Thai Culture Immersion Trips
  • Organized Excursions (Island Hopping or Mountaineering)
  • Real Job Placement Guarantee
  • Non-Immigrant Visa Support


Choosing to train with Entrust TEFL gives teachers ample ability to travel and explore as well as to learn advanced English-teaching skills upon arrival in Thailand.